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Proposed Logistics

Proposed timeline for the project for next year

09/07/2018 Project Start
10/10/2018 First Attempt at Research Question
12/15/2018 Research Proposal and Portfolio
01/01/2019 Continuing Data Collection
02/01/2019 Meet with Supervisor
03/01/2019 Obtain Permission to conduct research using human subjects
04/01/2019 Develop Surveys/Interview Questions
09/03/2019 Begin Surveys/Interviews
11/01/2019 Compile Data from Qualitative Research
12/01/2019 Meet with Supervisor
01/03/2020 Begin writing Thesis
04/01/2020 Project End

Proposed supervisor and list of possible readers

Supervisor: Tracy Penny Light

Possible Readers: Teachers, Education Assistants, Principals, School board members/trustees, Foster Parents, Caregivers of children/Youth in Care, Child/Youth care workers, Social Workers


Preliminary Outline of Ethics Proposal (if doing primary research involving human subjects)

  • Following policies as outlined in the┬áTri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans
    • Acquire informed consent from subjects (adults) used in surveys/interviews
    • Subjects participating in interviews will remain anonymous

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